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iTrackz Industrial IoT Solutions

Complete, tailored, scalable, end-to-end Industrial IoT high value asset tracking and monitoring eco-systems.

Expert project consulting combining deep technical knowledge with solution development skills.

Robust, certified devices, ATEX and other standards compliant gateways, secure cloud services and smart data analytics.

We provide complete, scalable end-to-end eco-systems with intrinsically safe gateways, secure cloud services and smart data analytics.

Our solutions are AI enabled and designed to be the basis for enhanced predictive algorithms and machine learning using complementary external data sources.

We specialise in technology that meets global standards such as ATEX, Hazloc, IECEx, CE and FCC approved regulations and guidance.

What we achieve for our clients

Our customers require robust, certified solutions that monitor the location and status of their high value assets effectively. Industries include extractive, manufacturing and services.

iTrackz ACE Lite Package

Did you know there is a better way to keep track of your high value assets?

Specially designed to help you track and monitor your assets when they are moved around indoors.

Ideal for any company that owns and uses expensive and mobile equipment and assets.

For Healthcare

Tracking critical equipment across rooms, the floors, buildings and campus of a health facility.

For Logistics

Monitoring location and status of containers and contents, including when located within hazardous areas.

For Industry

Monitoring location and status of high value assets across the plant, warehouse and open property.

For Museums

Monitoring location and status of high value artwork when being shipped to other venues.

What's your project?

Who we are

iTrackz is a dynamic company, launched by a group of experienced engineers based in Manchester, England, the fastest growing tech community in Europe.

We design and manufacture Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and provide bespoke engineering services to clients who require their own IoT solutions. We specialise in ATEX and other standards compliant products that demand high levels of certification for heavy industry, including:

Asset Management
Condition Monitoring
Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
Real time Data Acquisition
Status and Performance Updates
In/Outdoor position monitoring & tracking
Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning
Digital Twins
Digital Dashboard

Why we do what we do

What motivates us is our realisation of the increasing need for digitalisation across heavy industry, associated with a relative lack of connected and certified devices on the market. Our aim is to enable our clients to drive efficiencies and reduce overall costs with the implementation of our tech offering.

We founded iTrackz to design, make, offer and deliver complete, customised end-to-end solutions that deliver secure, robust, certified devices that generate the data you need to to track and monitor the status of your valuable assets, reducing your risk, liabilities and worries.  One good example is added bonus points in environmental audits thanks a more efficient use of resources thanks to tracking and monitoring devices.

We cover:

Industrial IoT
Monitoring asset status and condition
Telematics based services
Cloud Computing
Secure communications
Remote, regular, real time data logging
Remote ‘over the air’ diagnostics
Firmware ‘over the air’ updates
Asset management and ERP integration

What makes us special

Our modular design enables users to use all or part of our software stack to maintain full control and ownership over their data.

We carry out our own R&D, which leads to cutting edge innovation for which we hold the rights. 

We leverage technologies that are immediately or soon to be available, which lets us package and provide extended and additional functionality rarely offered by competitors.

We access breaking edge technology through our partnerships with key industry players to deliver low cost power consumption and data transfer solutions.

Our products create a positive loop for the Circular Economy: less wastage, smaller carbon footprint, longer lifecycle, greater efficiencies, higher value at end of life, improved public health, and better control within the environment.

Our partners

We partner with leading technology providers to deliver superior solutions.

Wirepas is an innovative software and networking stacks provider, giving us support to keep improving our indoor tracking and mesh technology.

Trig is a mechanical design agency, who as part of our partnership upgraded and certifications to provide skills and knowledge needed for equipment operating in hazardous areas.

Tele2 is an award winning networks enable mobile and fixed connectivity, telephony, data network services, TV, streaming and global IoT solutions for millions of customers.

Manufacturing partner providing iTrackz with a dedicated production line, reformed and QMS upgraded to comply with requirements to manufacture equipment operating in hazardous areas.

Pelion offers an easier way to connect IoT devices, allowing customers to focus on bringing value to their businesses, with experts ready to help every step of the way.

Implement your own Industrial IoT solution

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