Secure • Certified • Scalable

Secure • Certified • Scalable

Who we are

iTrackz is a dynamic company, launched by a group of experienced engineers based in Manchester, England, the fastest growing tech community in Europe.

We design and manufacture Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and provide bespoke engineering services to clients who require their own IoT solutions. We specialize in intrinsically safe products that demand high levels of certification for heavy industry, including:

Asset Management

Condition Monitoring

Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

Real time Data Acquisition

Status and Performance Updates

In/Outdoor position monitoring & tracking

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning

Digital Twins

Digital Dashboard

We cover:

Industrial IoT

Monitoring asset status and condition

Telematics based services

Cloud Computing

Secure communications

Remote, regular, real time data logging

Remote 'over the air' diagnostics

Firmware 'over the air' updates

Asset management and ERP integration

We specialise in technology that meets global standards, for example ATEX, Hazloc, IECEx, UKCA and FCC approved regulations and guidance.

Why we do what we do

What motivates us is our realization of the increasing need for digitalisation across heavy industry, associated with a relative lack of connected and certified devices on the market. Our aim is to enable our clients to drive efficiencies and reduce overall costs with the implementation of our tech offering.

We founded iTrackz to design, make, offer and deliver complete, customized end-to-end solutions that deliver secure, robust, certified devices that generate the data you need to to track and monitor the status of your valuable assets, reducing your risk, liabilities and worries.

What makes us special

iTrackz provides a complete, scalable end-to-end eco-system. Providing an intrinsically safe gateway, secure cloud services and smart data analytics.

Our modular design enables clients to use all or part of our software stack, enabling the client to maintain full control and ownership over their data. 

We carry out our own R&D, which leads to cutting edge innovation for which we hold the rights. We leverage technologies that are immediately or soon to be available, which lets us package and provide extended and additional functionality rarely offered by competitors.

We access breaking edge technology through our partnerships with key industry players. We leverage the skills of our tech partners Hitex, ST Microelectronics, Pelion (ARM), and Microsoft Azure to deliver low cost power consumption and data transfer solutions.

Our products create a positive loop for the Circular Economy: less wastage, smaller carbon footprint, longer lifecycle, greater efficiencies, higher value at end of life, improved public health, more control over environment