The iTrackz Team

iTrackz is a young company, handcrafted by a dynamic group of experienced engineers based in northern England, working from Birmingham to Manchester to Stockton-on-Tees.

Peter Rawlinson

Compliance Director

Peter has spent his entire working life in engineering, starting out as an apprentice electrician and working through from apprentice to draughtsman to test engineer within an electrical manufacturing background.

Since 1996 Peter has worked within the very niche field of equipment for use in explosive atmospheres, working for several test, inspection and certification bodies in roles from certification engineer to continent-wide manager of teams of engineers.

He has built up new notified bodies, regained suspended accreditations and sat on standards writing committees for a diverse range of topics from QA to Ex ia and areas from testing to training.

Peter gained various craft level qualifications in electrical and electronic engineering, installation and similar and progressed through Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer.

Waleed elMughrabi

Technical Director

Waleed is an electronic design engineer with an MSc in Renewable energy. He started his career in electrical machines design and testing then preparing standards proposals revisions for DC-DC converters and Solar inverters.

He spent many years working in SMEs in the early days of the concept of autonomous vehicle designing and developing new flexible printed sensor technologies for low-cost roll to roll manufacturing. That was the entry point into ATEX design.

As Waleed’s TPMS designs were then used in the mining industry for Zone 0, he later started working as a consultant to help set up ATEX, IECEx, Hazloc manufacturing businesses from ground up and designed various ATEX IoT products using state of the art technology enabling industries to deploy wireless monitoring networks in hazardous areas.

Waleed’s design skills are focused around functional and critical safety, high speed circuits, power management, IoT, energy harvesting, precision measurements, DFM, cloud infrastructure, and system integration.

Carl Ottersen

Business Affairs and Development

Carl’s 35+ year career has seen him set up, lead and run service operations as regional director, deputy managing director, business unit head and head of operations in several countries around the world. He has worked across industries: from business software in Scandinavia and Latin America to hospitality in southern Europe, property development in Indonesia, logisitics in Nigeria, telematics in Brazil, film distribution in Germany and soccer in Africa.

He has set up and managed direct operations, multi-tier distribution systems and strategic agency partnerships.

Regularly involved in start-ups as a business mentor and counsellor, Carl has also been involved at senior management level in three IPOs and has personally helped raise over $14 million in funding for ventures in commercial property development, film distribution, fashion accessories, business software and technology.

Before all that, he gained an MSc in Management Sciences from Durham University Business School, one of the UK’s leading business schools. Carl’s passion is adventure travel, photography and writing, having published six books on several topics and with plans for several more.