We create Industrial IoT solutions

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iTrackz Industrial IoT Solutions

We provide complete, scalable, end-to-end Industrial IoT eco-systems with intrinsically safe gateways, secure cloud services and smart data analytics to industries such as:

We specialise in technology that meets global standards: ATEX, Hazloc, IECEx, CE, UKCA and FCC approved regulations and guidance.

Our modular design enables us to deliver a tailored, scalable, product for any condition monitoring project.

iTrackz Industrial IoT Products

A better way to monitor the status of and keep track of your high value assets.

iTrackz ACE Tag

Our all-in-one device with accompanying App is a great way to track your assets.

iTrackz ACE

For tracking and monitoring high value, mobile assets in non-hazardous areas.

iTrackz ACE CM

For tracking and monitoring assets being transported in ISO tank containers.

These applications can be off-the-shelf, customised and made to order according to industry and company specifications.

Our solutions are AI enabled and designed to be the bases for enhanced predictive algorithms and machine learning using complementary external data sources.

What we achieve for our clients

Our customers require robust, certified solutions that monitor the location and status of their high value assets effectively. Industries include extractive, manufacturing and services.

For Healthcare

Tracking critical equipment across rooms, the floors, buildings and campus of a health facility.

For Logistics

Monitoring location and status of containers and contents, including when located within hazardous areas.

For Industry

Monitoring location and status of high value assets across the plant, warehouse and open property.

For Museums

Monitoring location and status of high value assets when being shipped to other venues.

Unlike off-the-shelf telematics systems, we have built modular and dynamic software that can be easily packaged for deployment. We design our products not only to lower a customer s total cost of operation, but also let them do more with what they have, and open up opportunities that escaped them before.


We engineer our products to save customers a significant amount of operational time. Automated processes and data transfer cut down on unnecessary duplication and resulting errors, fitting in seamlessly with FMS and ERP systems. Our products give users a reliable, long-lasting, safe, functional way to manage valuable assets in a timely manner.


The greatest value our offering provides customers is that they have fewer worries, lower risk, avoid unnecessary liabilities and can reduce their total cost of operations.

Companies are also increasingly focused on the need to save energy, reduce waste and improve the environment.

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