iTrackz ACE Lite

Did you know there is a better way to keep track of your high value assets?

Specially designed to help you track and monitor your assets when they are moved around indoors

Ideal for any company that owns and uses expensive and mobile equipment and assets

iTrackz ACE Lite knows what assets you have, and it knows where your assets are. Any time, in any location, accurately, within a minute.

iTrackz ACE Lite is easy to install. Anyone can do it, including maintenance staff, in no time at all. Just put the tag on anything you want to track. Forget about wires and power outlets, the tag does the job itself.

Get started with just a few assets, then add as many as you need. Your complete inventory, if you like. That’s it!

Don’t worry if an asset gets too far away, it will reconnect once back in range. Our solution works well in buildings and storage units.

Whatever you need to keep an eye on, wherever it may be.

A brilliant way to never lose anything again.

Who benefits ?

Any company or oragnisation that needs to keep track of its high value mobile assets.

For healthcare that can be medical units, beds, secure cabinets.

For industry that can be any equipment not tied down and without an inbuilt tracking SIM (i.e. legacy units), container units, etc.

For logistics that can be any container not already fitted with an updated GSM tracking system that includes ambient sensors, plus for the high value assets being transported or stored.

For museums and galleries, clearly the high value assets in their possession, and the packaging in which they may be stored and/or transported.

What's in the package

iTrackz ACE Lite

One secure IoT focused telematics unit. A telematics gateway for tracking and monitoring assets in non-hazardous areas. Our all-in-one device with accompanying App to measure, monitor and manage your asset. Supports secure communications and sensor options including BLE mesh technology.

Read technical details here.

iTrackz ACE Tags

Eight iTrackz ACE Tags, fixed directly onto the assets you want to track and monitor. No need to worry about wires and power outlets – the ACE Tag does the job itself.

These iTrackz ACE Tags can be configured as ‘anchors’ in an enclosed space (room, floor, building) so that you can get full XYZ tracking potential.

Read technical details here.

iTrackz ACE App and Dashboard

Subscription to iTrackz hosted service. Alternatively, open API for integrating with your preferred FMS systems for instant monitoring, with all the power of Cloud computing. ‘Over the air’ diagnostics and firmware over-the-air updates.

Rugged Case

Designed so you can take the components wherever you need, and store them safely.

Installation and Support

We will come to your premises to make the first installation and show you how it is done. After that, you always have a direct line to engineers who can handle all queries and issues speedily.

What is the benefit?

Clearly a lower risk of losing the asset, with all that losing the asset entails: insurance claims, higher premiums, a very real cost of replacement, and potential litigation if the asset belongs to another party.

Higher productivity as both time and effort are saved, and that leads to lower costs of operation.


The iTrackz ACE Lite Package is available at £950 per package, exclusive of VAT.  Extra Tags and Gateways can be purchased optionally.  If you have a greater need, please fill in the form below or contact us directly.

The Warranty lasts for 12 months from date of purchase.

Special introductory offer

If you are not sure iTrackz ACE Lite is the right solution for you, but you would like to try it, then we will happily send you an ACE Lite Package to trial for thirty days, for a trial fee of £350, exclusive of VAT.  If you like it, then we can agree the ideal configuration for you and offset the trial fee. If you don’t then simply return it to us. 

Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.