Type-K Thermocouple with Stainless Steel Leaf


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    Our thermocouples are made to meet the demand for specialised industrial needs, with a choice of sensing end as either a leaf (patch) or a jubilee clip (pipe clamp). The jubilee clip version is designed to fit tightly around pipes to measure the temperature of liquid or the pipe itself, while the leaf with its slim design is made to stick to flat or curved surfaces to provide wide surface area contact for accurate measurements. Our thermocouples are made from high quality components and go through extensive quality control checks.


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    Size • 1m lead length

    Stainless Steel Leaf • 25mm x 35mm

    Weight • 25g

    Braided Wire • 3mm diameter

    Sense Temperature Range •  -50°C to +1200°C

    Material • NiCr-NiAl(Si)

    Operational Temperature • -50° to +900°C

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    Weight.100 kg