We create Industrial IoT solutions

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iTrackz Products and Services

iTrackz supplies intrinsically safe devices, secure cloud services and smart data analytics to deliver a complete, scalable, end-to-end Industrial IoT eco-system.

Less Risk • Reduced Liability • Fewer Worries

The greatest value our solutions provide you is that you have fewer worries, lower your risk and avoid unnecessary liabilities when managing your assets.

We design our products to not only lower your total cost of operation (every penny counts), but also let you do more with what you have, and potentially open up commercial opportunities that escaped you before. The way we have engineered our products saves your people a significant amount of operational time. Automated processes and data transfer cut down on unnecessary duplication and resulting errors, fitting in seamlessly with your own FMS and ERP systems.

Our excellently designed and solidly engineered product gives you everything you need: a reliable, long lasting, safe, robustly functional way to manage your valuable assets and protect your deliveries in a timely manner.

What more can you ask for?

Industrial Type-K Thermocouple with Jubilee Clip

Designed for process industries

Industrial Type-K Thermocouple with Stainless Steel Leaf

Designed for process industries