Secure • Certified • Scalable

iTrackz Container Monitor

Designed for logistics companies

Less Risk • Reduced Liability • Fewer Worries

The greatest value our solution provides you is that you have fewer worries, lower your risk and avoid unnecessary liabilities when making your delivery. Our high level ATEX, Hazloc and IECEx certifications prove that. In fact, without them you would not even consider our product. Not only is your delivery protected, you know our product won’t fail you either.

We have designed our product to not only lower your total cost of operation (every penny counts), but also let you do more with what you have, and potentially open up commercial opportunities that escaped you before. The way we have engineered our product saves your people a significant amount of operational time. Automated processes and data transfer cut down on unnecessary duplication and resulting errors, fitting in seamlessly with your own FMS and ERP systems.

Our excellently designed and solidly engineered product gives you everything you need: a reliable, long lasting, safe, robustly functional way to manage your valuable assets and protect your deliveries in a timely manner.

What more can you ask for?

Our all-in-one device with accompanying App is a great way to measure, monitor and manage your asset. This industrial IOT focused, telematics based service supports secure communications and sensor options, including BLE, Lora and 433 (and Wirepas).

Remote, distant, regular and realtime data logging integrates flexibly with your preferred FMS and ERP systems for instant monitoring, with all the power of Cloud computing. We take ease of use right down to remote ‘over the air’ diagnostics and firmware over-the-air updates.

Nothing could be more easy to manage than this.

UL's new HazLoc app provides technical expertise for hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres) supply chain compliance. Free app is now available for iOS and Android. (PRNewsFoto/UL)


Meets global standards

ATEX • Hazloc • EICEx

Meets FCC guidance

Impact tested

Explosion tested

Over-pressure tested

Battery protected

Circuit and connection ports

Electro-magnetic compatible

Data security

There is a reason we all look for certifications: all the work of testing and verifying a product’s physical characteristics have been done for us – we don’t have to spend time, energy, resources and money doing it ourselves.

If your business has anything to do with fire, explosives, gas, hazardous materials, or if your clients’ business does, like petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, then you know whatever equipment you use has to be ATEX, Hazloc or IECEx certified.

Our device meets global standards, it remains within ATEX approved regulations and FCC guidance. These include being impact, explosion and over-pressure tested, plus ensuring the battery, circuit and connection ports are all properly protected and electro-magnetic compatible.

Using certified products also lets you get into markets others cannot reach.


You can’t manage what you can’t monitor, you can’t monitor what you can’t measure, and you can’t measure what you can’t sense. An eternal truth, that. Our device functions to deliver you key data in a timely manner, actively letting you manage your asset as you want or need to do, on the platform you prefer, from App to Desktop.

It logs all the key data you need. It tells you its location and status. It generates it own energy, you can even fast charge it like you do your cellphone, and the internal battery is guaranteed to last at least five years on standard mode. You can safely rely on getting the data you need, when you need it.

All-in-One Device

Modular Design

Scalable Database

Flexible System Integration

Accompanying App

Full management of Device

Secure communication and data

Remote ‘over the air’ diagnostics

Redundancy (if GP tracker disabled during theft)

Our device and service is made to help you manage your asset, to know where it is, and what condition it is in. Coverage is global, it is geofence aware, it logs key parameters of internal and external temperature. You can set performance modes to different setting to report when needed and so save power, which itself is self-generated or quickly rechargeable during regular maintenance just like your smart phone.

You can regulate, monitor and manage local assets with an App, while keeping full control from a remote digital dashboard. Definitely performance enhancing.

Asset Management

Container Location

Container Internal Temperature

Container Internal Pressure

Geofence aware


Digital Dashboard

Self powered

Ultra Low Power Consumption

Performance modes (high, std, low)

Minimum 5 years operation (std mode)