Secure • Certified • Scalable

iTrackz Ace Lite

Designed for tracking and monitoring high value, mobile assets indoors.

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Secure IoT focused telematics unit.

For fixed installations as a gateway for mesh networks. The Ace Lite is a full Linux based hub optimised for fixed installations, mains powered, powerful processing, and dedicated to support large mesh networks and serve as a gateway to the cloud for indoor tracking applications.

Our all-in-one device with accompanying App is a great way to measure, monitor and manage your asset. This industrial IOT focused, telematics based service supports secure communications and sensor options including BLE mesh technology.

Remote, distant, regular and realtime data logging integrates flexibly with your preferred FMS systems for instant monitoring, with all the power of Cloud computing. We take ease of use right down to remote ‘over the air’ diagnostics and firmware over-the-air updates.

Nothing could be more easy to manage than this.



Key Features

Installation and Configuration

Build Options


Size • 200 x 150 x 100 mm

Weight • 2000g

Voltage Range • 3.3 Vdc (Overvoltage and transient protection.)

Power Consumption • Operating <500mA (2.0 Amp peak) • Sleep < 50uA

Data Storage •  Stores at least 1 year of normal data

MTBF • 10-15 years

Environmental • BS EN 60721-3-5:1997 Class 5M3

IP Rating • IP54

EMC • Compliant to 2014/30/EU

Temperature Range • Storage -40C to +85C • Operating -25C to +70C