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Asset Monitoring for Industry

Did you know there is a better way to keep track of and monitor your high value assets?

iTrackz Asset Monitoring for Industry

Not finding assets when needed is one of the most frustrating and expensive things to happen when running a manufacturing business. Finding them in sub-optimal condition can be worse.

Whilst modern equipment comes with built-in locators and potentially monitoring systems, legacy equipment, smaller equipment and supplies do not.

You need to know where your equipment and supplies are in an instant and in what condition they are. 

Not only because you need them to properly execute tasks, but also to ensure that, in the event of an insurance or legal claim, you can prove that you took all necessary precautions and measures to ensure best possible use.

iTrackz Asset Monitoring certification

We have applied for ATEX certification for our iTrackz devices. With ATEX certification our device will be approved to work and be used in hazardous areas – critical for many businesses in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, construction and defence sectors. We expect to complete certification by year end.

iTrackz knows what assets you have, it knows where your assets are, and it knows their condition.

Equipment, containers, high value supplies – whatever you need to keep an eye on, especially when it is on the move. Any time, in any location, accurately, within a minute.

iTrackz monitoring devices are all-in-one units that can be fixed to assets by your maintenance team. iTrackz tracking tags are easy to install. Anyone can do it, including warehouse staff, in no time at all. Just put the tag on anything you want to track. Forget about wires and power outlets, the tag does the job itself.

Get started with just a few assets, then add as many as you need. Your complete inventory, if you like. That’s it! Don’t worry if an asset gets too far away, it will reconnect once back in range.

iTrackz Asset Monitoring works well in buildings, in storage units, outdoors and on the road. Whatever you need to keep an eye on, wherever it may be.

iTrackz Asset Monitoring is a brilliant way to never lose anything again.

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