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Asset Monitoring for Museums

Did you know there is a better way to keep track of and monitor your high value assets when on the move?

Keep track and monitor status of artwork when in transport

Sending a high value piece of art from the safety of your museum to another place must be the scariest thing any curator has to face. Losing track of an artwork is one of the most frustrating and expensive things that can happen. Finding it in sub-optimal condition can be worse.

You need to know where your high value artwork is in an instant, and in what environmental situation. If not then you need to take action – fast.

Whilst modern vehicles and containers come with built-in monitoring systems and locators, many others and most high value packaging does not. A third party carrier should use a purpose built monitoring and tracking solution like ours, but some don’t. You have to be 100% sure.

Not only because you need to know your artwork has been handled properly, but also to ensure that, in the event of an insurance or legal claim, you have an ‘audit trail’ of all movement and conditions as evidence of exactly what happened to it, when and that all necessary precautions and measures to ensure best possible care were taken – or not.

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iTrackz knows what assets you have, it knows where your assets are, and it knows their condition.

Your high value art, the crate, the container – whatever you need to keep an eye on, especially when it is on the move. Any time, in any location, accurately, within a minute.

Our solution can track artwork within a prescribed area (e.g. a storage room), when next to related assets (e.g. a crate) and while in a container being transported to destination. If the artwork leaves the defined perimeter, the user will be notified in real time. Alarms can be set depending on location and scenario.

iTrackz monitoring devices are all-in-one units that can be fixed to a vehicle or container by your carrier. iTrackz tags are easy to install. Anyone can do it, including museum staff, in no time at all. Just put the tag on anything you want to track. Forget about wires and power outlets, the tag does the job itself.

Get started with just a few assets, then add as many as you need. Your complete inventory, if you like. That’s it! Don’t worry if an asset gets too far away, it will reconnect once back in range.

iTrackz Asset Monitoring works well in galleries, in buildings, in storage units and on the road. Whatever you need to keep an eye on, wherever it may be.

iTrackz Asset Monitoring is a brilliant way to never lose anything again.

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