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Asset Tracking for Health Care

Did you know there is a better way to keep track of assets in a health care environment?

Keep track of high value mobile assess

Not finding equipment when needed is one of the most frustrating and expensive things to happen in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities.

Whilst large modern equipment comes with built-in monitoring systems and locators, legacy equipment, smaller devices and simple things like beds, trolleys and cabinets do not.

You – and your administrator – need to be able to put your hands on what you need in an instant, and if it is not there, working as it should, then you need back-up – fast.

Not only because you need it to properly care for the patient, but also to ensure that, in the event of a legal claim, you can prove that you took all necessary precautions and measure to ensure best possible care.

iTrackz Asset Tracking in the NHS

We are currently doing some preliminary field tests of iTrackz Ace in one of the NHS centres in northern England. Testing is aimed at helping medical staff locate assets immediately, and know which ones are currently in use. This project began in February 2023 and is expected to complete by year end.

iTrackz knows what assets you have, and it knows where your assets are.

Equipment, supplies, people – whatever you need to keep an eye on, especially if it is moved around. Any time, in any location, accurately, within a minute.

It is easy to install. Anyone can do it, including maintenance staff, in no time at all. Just put the tag on anything you want to track. Forget about wires and power outlets, the tag does the job itself.

Get started with just a few assets, then add as many as you need. Your complete inventory, if you like. That’s it! Don’t worry if an asset gets too far away, it will reconnect once back in range.

iTrackz Asset Tracking works well in buildings, in storage units, and outdoors. Whatever you need to keep an eye on, wherever it may be.

iTrackz Asset Tracking is a brilliant way to never lose anything again.

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