We create Industrial IoT solutions

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How we do what we do

iTrackz makes Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and provides bespoke engineering services to clients who require their own IoT solutions for tracking and monitoring high value assets.

Our products outperform expectations: in physical design, quality, robustness and integrity; and in functional performance, reliability and security. Our solutions are AI enabled and designed to be the bases for enhanced predictive algorithms and machine learning using complementary external data sources.

We are one of the first companies to develop a telematics tracking and monitoring device for hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres that demands high levels of certification (CE, UKCA and FCC) and achieves highest levels of regulatory compliance approvals that demand high levels of certification (ATEX, Hazloc, and IECEx).

Our design lets us future proof devices to incorporate new technology without having to re-certify. This is thanks to a unique approach of mixing protection concepts between mechanical (flameproof) and intrinsic safety (electrical), developed from early-stage research and previous feedback from safety critical industries such as Oil & Gas, where having full control of data is key.

This lets us do some great engineering to include more advanced features than comparable, off-the-shelf devices do, with high levels of future-proofing and flexibility.



Our innovation is not in how we acquire data; it is in how we use it. Inputs for our algorithms are live real time data and forecasts over a period of time. Our solutions are designed to deliver full operability right out of the box (plug&play) high value assets.

Enhanced Value

Our innovation is not in how we acquire data; it is in how we use it. Inputs for our algorithms are live real time data and forecasts over a period of time. Inputs are:

• Direct Internal – sensors

• Direct External – weather condition, ambient temperature, irradiance maps

• Indirect External – marine traffic and road traffic

From these data we then craft predictive algorithms that provide forward-looking information you can use for decision-making – or even automate.

Data Delivery

We already use GNSS Systems – GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS systems, along with cellular to download Almanac data and satellite maps, which are then used for efficient and quick positioning.

We use various cellular technologies instead of satellite communications, to reduce running costs, reduce unit cost to offer a cost-effective solution and increase efficiency for battery powered devices that are in sleep mode.

Self Powering

The iTrackz Ace, Ace Ex, Ace CM and Ace CM Ex all support solar power charging system and batteries, along with cellular and BLE functionality.

These devices all use the same core circuitry and enclosure with some variations in mounting mechanism.


Self Maintaining

Predictive Maintenance by monitoring performance and identifying failure patterns introduces cost savings by reducing downtime and applying necessary maintenance during non-peak hours.

Device hosts a fully functional operating system, which helps developers establish diagnostics channels, optimum performance and self-recovery in case of fault.

Two methods of FOTA (firmware over the air); if one network stack runs into any issues, we support secure SFTP to pull the image from our server.


Built with modularity in mind. Unlike off-the-shelf telematics systems, we have built modular and dynamic software that can be easily packaged for deployment. All code blocks are MISRA compliant and can be dragged and dropped to allow for quick development of future projects.

We design our products not only to lower a customer’s total cost of operation, but also to give the user full control, all configurable from the central administration system, let them do more with what they have, and open up opportunities that escaped them before.




Sensors communicate with each other to cover tacked area. This provides two functionalities; the user can track the location based on BLE RSSI as well as sensor data. Sensors send messages via other sensors until the messages reach the gateway for transmission to cloud.



The iTrackz Cloud contains modular cloud hosted backend and frontend services. The UI is a bespoke design that is customisable for every use case.

It can also be configured by the end user to suit their preferences. The services were designed for portability to be hosted in a customer’s own Cloud system; needed where data security is critical or when IT policy requires data to be hosted in FMS, ERP etc systems.


Automated processes and data transfer cut down on unnecessary duplication and resulting errors, fitting in seamlessly with FMS and ERP systems. Our products give users a reliable, long-lasting, safe, functional way to manage valuable assets in a timely manner.


We access breaking edge technology through our partnerships with key industry players. We leverage the skills of our technology, manufacturing and commercial partners.

Recent advance in battery technology, electronics, telecommunications, and the affordable and easy access to satellite data has helped shape the last decade or two in terms of monitoring and tracking technology reaching more industries and driving efficiencies.


The introduction of 5G has been one of the most noticeable advances in recent years, the protocols associated with this technology can support fast data rates and large bandwidth. We make use of a subset of 4G and 5G, that is designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications such as NB-IoT and Cat-M.

iTrackz products use a range of technologies for tracking, monitoring, communications and user interface. At a basic level, the devices rely on various sensors, GPS positioning, and radio (RF) technologies of Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRaWAN and LTE/3G/4G for the communication spine.


Our telematics devices make use of GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS systems for asset tracking. We also offer tracking mesh networks via 2.4Ghz. This can be used to monitor the movement of assets within a site/building.

Combining those technologies opens doors for many applications and industries to improve security and efficiency, and offer the crucial overlap from indoor to outdoor and vice-versa.


• Telematics Gateway (iTrackz ACE series) for location and outdoor tracking (GPS)

• Indoor or localised zone tracking with BLE mesh positioning

• Wired Sensors for Temperature (iTrackz Leaf and Clip), Gyroscope (on PCB), Accelerometer (on PCB)

• Wireless sensors, where BLE provides endless possibilities to future proof our products for many use cases.

BLE mesh networks facilitate large deployments of sensor networks. This enables asset positioning and tracking indoors, as well as condition monitoring. The use of BLE mesh technology enables our products to reach an endless number of use cases. That combined with our bespoke software and hardware allows this technology to be used in areas where compliance would usually be an obstacle.


Event driven and exception management for applications where data costs are a concern, the concept of “no news is good news” is used.

The device only transmits if a predefined condition is met. For example, by tracking a moving asset on a truck and speed from GPS data from traffic forecast in a congestion, the device can reduce the rate at which it wakes up to preserve battery life.

Where the device is monitoring the temperature of a critical product, it will only transmit if the temperature reaches a certain value.

Configurable power modes for performance settings (high, standard, low), battery saving and requested customisation.

What we achieve for our clients

Our customers require robust, certified solutions that monitor the location and status of their high value assets effectively.

For Healthcare

Tracking critical equipment across rooms, the floors, buildings and campus of a health facility.

For Logistics

Monitoring location and status of containers and contents, including when located within hazardous areas.

For Industry

Monitoring location and status of high value assets across the plant, warehouse and open property.

For Museums

Monitoring location and status of high value artwork when being shipped to other venues.