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The Value of Silence

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How bespoke asset tracking can drastically reduce data roaming charges.

No news is good news, a modern take on the phrase attributed to James I of England in the early seventeenth century. In the world of logistics and unregulated data charges this could not be truer. No news, in the case of roaming charges, means costs can be drastically reduced; surely that is something everybody wants.


iTrackz’ mission of providing deployable, scalable, and bespoke asset tracking solutions happens to coincide with James’ proverbial wisdom. In the case of bespoke asset tracking and customisable settings, data charges can be reduced without leaving your wallet at the mercy of international tariffs.


In a post Brexit and COVID world there is more uncertainty regarding international cohesion than before, and a no-deal Brexit means that no guarantees are made regarding the future of roaming charges inside the EU. Outside of block agreements the waters of roaming charges become more treacherous and you are subject to smaller and more expensive providers. Reduced data costs in action means that algorithms can be tailored to minimise communication in areas that carry high tariff charges unless the data is vital.


Although James was mainly right, we also believe that the right news is also the best news. Put simply this means that although no news is good news, when our products provide you with monitoring and tracking information it is accurate, detailed, and reliable. Low data costs should not mean that your assets are compromised. In the case of industry specific assets, the right news is essential, whether that is temperature monitoring or accurate tracking, the correct information empowers you to make informed decisions.


Thankfully for James and his contemporaries, they did not have to navigate the world of cookies and data protection. It is a common misconception that good asset tracking must compromise your data; the emphasis here being placed on ‘your.’ Good asset tracking should allow you to monitor your data exactly how you want, putting your privacy and needs first.


Behind all our products are countless years of experience in IoT, compliance and product management. But past all the experience and knowledge our idea of good asset tracking is simply telling you what you want to know, when and where it matters most.


Asset tracking is somewhat in its early days with quality bespoke options even harder to come by. Getting the right information is something that should never be undermined, and quality sources of information are more valuable now than ever before. In the world of data charges no news is good news, but with the greatest of respect to James I, iTrackz can do one better by providing the right news as well.


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